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Model Comparison of the Effect of Pay Satisfaction and Demographic Factors on Job Satisfaction: Indonesians vs. Malaysians

This study compares Malaysians and Indonesians on the effect of pay satisfaction (distributive, procedural, interactional fairness) and demographic factors (gender, age, educational level, occupational rank, marital status, organizational tenure) on job satisfaction. Two hundred Malaysians and 105 Indonesians between the ages of 23 and 65 who have received a university degree from abroad and who […]

Depression and Personal Wellbeing Index (PWI) in Macao Adults: Results from the Macao Health Survey (MHS) 2006

INTRODUCTION: Based on a household random sampling health survey, this report is trying to explore the relationship between depression and the wellbeing measured by PWI. METHODS: Data was collected from 3119 Macao adults through health assessment, questionnaire and lab tests. “Doctor told” depression was measured by questionnaire. Wellbeing in 8 domains was measured by PWI. […]

To Translate or to Develop a New Measure? The Case of a New Arabic Measure of Organizational Justice

One of the most prominent and widely used self-report scale to measure organizational justice perceptions (OJ) was that developed by Colquitt (2001). This scale has been used internationally and therefore translated in many languages including Arabic. In a recent study (Alkhadher & Gadalreb, in press) has developed a new Arabic measure of organizational justice perceptions […]

The Good Life Versus the “Goods Life”: An Investigation of Goal Contents Theory and Employee Subjective Well-Being in Asia

Goal Contents Theory (GCT) would suggest that not all goals are created equal – intrinsic, relative to extrinsic, aspirations are related to greater subjective well-being. Using one of the most comprehensive surveys of Asia ever conducted (Inoguchi, 2003-2007), the current study examines the tenets of GCT. Results show intrinsic (i.e., health, safety and security, affiliation, […]

Sexual Abuse and Sexual Attitudes in Adolescence: The Moderating Role of Personal Religion

Research has drawn attention to the adverse effects of sexual abuse. Yet, few studies have addressed whether personal religion can reduce such adverse effects. Using 3,000 teenagers affiliated with an evangelical church in USA, I find that sexual abuse leads to increased sexual activities in heterosexual and homosexual relationships. More importantly, there is little evidence […]

Children’s Gender Nonconformity as Justification for Discipline: Experiences and Views of Children and Their Caregivers in Urban Poor Family Settings

Corporal punishment (CP) is a method of discipline that may be physical or humiliating (Soneson, 2005). Although there have been debates about its use, it is still a common disciplinary method in the Philippines. This qualitative study aims to learn common justifications for using CP from the perspectives of both caregivers and children. The study […]

Factors Contributing to the Life Satisfaction of Refugees in Australia

The present study examined the life satisfaction of refugees settled in Australia. Our industry partner, Access Community Services Ltd. (ACSL) disseminated the information about the study amongst the communities with whom they have built trusting connections. A battery of paper and pencil measures was administered to refugees (N =197) from Ethiopia, Congo and Burma. The […]

If You Have a Neighbour, You Know Each Other, It’s Like a Family: Examining Social Bridging From Refugees in Australia

Interaction with neighbours can significantly affect refugees’ perceptions of being welcomed by the host society. Friendliness from the host community is very important in helping refugees feel welcomed whereas perceived unfriendliness can undermine other successful aspects of integration. This study examined narratives from individual interviews with 47 Ethiopian, Congolese and Burmese refugees on their relationships […]

Psychological and Socio-Cultural Adaptation and Experience of International Students in Hong Kong Universities

To be successful, international students must adapt psychologically and socio-culturally to their host context. This research, funded by Hong Kong research grant committee, is grounded in cross-cultural psychology (Shiraev & Levy, 2010), and present insights into the psychological and behavioral variations of individual international students as they adapt to study in an Asian context — […]

A Multi-National Investigation of Cross-Cultural Cooperation

While considerable differences in cooperation for different societies have been demonstrated, empirical research on cross-cultural cooperation involving interactions of individuals from different countries is still in its infancy. We present results from a comprehensive investigation of cross-cultural cooperation in one-shot prisoner’s dilemmas involving population-representative samples from six countries around the world. Systematic differences in cooperation […]

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