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Harmony in the Home: Effects of Parental Child-Rearing Disagreement on Early Childhood Behavior Problems in Turkey

Socio-cultural transition in Turkey has led to significant changes in family dynamics over the last decade (Kagitcibasi et al., 2005). Marital conflict and parental disagreement have become prevalent causes of family dissolution (Demir, 2013). Prior research has shown that harmony between parents predicts children`s socio-emotional development (Teubert & Pinquart, 2010). Therefore, this study examined parental […]

Feature-Based Biases in Black Americans: Evidence from Focus Groups

Research on Afrocentric features bias has generally focused on the instigator’s perspective and examined how perceivers react toward Black Americans with different degrees of Afrocentric features. However, the effects of Afrocentric features from the target’s perspective are still unclear. We conducted 15 focus groups at two different institutions in the US to explore the nature […]

The Impact of Self-Monitoring of Facebook Use on the Self-Regulation of Filipino College Freshmen Students Using Standardized Diaries

This study investigated the effects of self-monitoring of Facebook use on students’ self-regulation. Twenty-one college freshmen students participated in the study. For two weeks, the students were asked to monitor the duration of daily Facebook use and each night answered an online Facebook standardized diary on time spent using Facebook and self-regulation particularly schoolwork-related goal […]

The Role of Family, Environment and Religious Orientation on Adolescents’ Aggressive Behavior

This study was designed to investigate the effect of the family environment and religious orientation on adolescents’ aggressive behavior in Ondo State, Southwestern, Nigeria. A total of 1000 questionnaires were administered to both genders from ages 18 to 28. Same sex peer-estimated data was used and stepwise regression analysis was computed to find out the […]

Belonging Support Matters More for Blood Pressure and Affect in Interdependent Contexts

Independent-interdependent self-schema moderate the pathways between social support and well-being. Japanese participants (higher interdependence) receive less support and only under higher stress, unlike U.S. participants. However, only emotional and informational support were assessed, which likely benefit independent self-schema; belonging support – which may benefit interdependent self-schema – was not examined. This study randomly assessed blood […]

Leveraging Free Description Data to Investigate the Differences Between Genuine and Posed Facial Expressions of Emotion

Previous studies have found differences between spontaneous and posed expressions in dynamic aspects for surprise and amusement, and morphological aspects for disgust and sadness. However, the mechanism behind this recognition remains unclear. Therefore, this study used free description data to investigate how observers recognize facial expressions of emotion with spontaneous and posed characteristics. For surprise […]

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