Are Social-Service Students More Positive towards Cultural and Sexual Minorities than Hard-Science Students?

Social-service University programs hope to develop culturally competent graduates who will be not only positive towards their clients regardless of their cultural or sexual belonging but also positive about people and sensitive social topics in general. The current study examined the cultural orientation of Israeli social work students in their last study semester towards the Ethiopian minority and homosexuals, compared to hard-science students, as well as their attitudes towards abortion and mixed-cultural marriages. One hundred eighty eight social work students and 184 hard-science students were recruited from difference academic institutions. Study findings revealed that while social workers were less separatist and more integrationist for Ethiopians, compared to their counterparts, they were less separatist but not more integrationist for homosexuals. Social workers were much more integrationist towards Ethiopian than homosexuals. Participants’ integration/separation orientations were respectively positively/negatively linked to indicators of intergroup relations, and a mediation role of intergroup anxiety was found.

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Hisham M. Abu-Rayya, University of Haifa, Israel , La Trobe University, Australia

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Added on Monday, July 18th, 2016

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