To Translate or to Develop a New Measure? The Case of a New Arabic Measure of Organizational Justice

One of the most prominent and widely used self-report scale to measure organizational justice perceptions (OJ) was that developed by Colquitt (2001). This scale has been used internationally and therefore translated in many languages including Arabic. In a recent study (Alkhadher & Gadalreb, in press) has developed a new Arabic measure of organizational justice perceptions (AMOJ) after careful review of the organizational justice literature to ensure relevance to the Arabic culture and found evidence of four-factor structure of the scale. The purpose of this study is to compare Colquitt’s measure of OJ with AMOJ in terms of predictive power using various outcome measures recommended by Colquitt (2001). The two scales were administered to 781 Kuwaiti participants (47.6% males) employees from the public sector. The multiple- samples confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) supported the four dimensions structure for both Colquitt’s and AMOJ measures of OJ. Cronbach’s alpha obtained for subscales ranged between

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Hesham Gadelrab, Kuwait University, Kuwait
Othman Alkhadher, Kuwait University, Kuwait

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Added on Monday, July 18th, 2016

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