Emotional Display Rules in China, Japan and USA

The proposed study investigated the ways that emotional display rules in China, Japan and the United States differed for nine emotions and six interacting targets (e.g. family, close friends, people online). 387 participants indicated the expressivity degrees of the display rules they endorsed by responding to the modified version of the Display Rule Assessment Inventory The results demonstrated that Chinese display rules allow the expression of anger and guilt significantly more than American and Japanese display rules. Moreover, Japanese tend to control their other-condemning emotions (anger, contempt, disgust) more when they interacted with people online than American and Chinese samples. Furthermore, Chinese reported more expression of anger towards their close friends than Japanese did. American display rules permitted the expression of anger significantly less than their Chinese and Japanese counterparts when they interacted with family. Americans displayed the least degree of shame and guilt compared with Chinese and Japanese participants. *******(Alternative Presentation Type: )*******

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Jie Deng, Brunel University London, UK
Tara Marshall, Brunel University London, UK

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Added on Monday, July 18th, 2016

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