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Papers under the theme of "T10 Development"

The Impact of Self-Monitoring of Facebook Use on the Self-Regulation of Filipino College Freshmen Students Using Standardized Diaries

This study investigated the effects of self-monitoring of Facebook use on students’ self-regulation. Twenty-one college freshmen students participated in the study. For two weeks, the students were asked to monitor the duration of daily Facebook use and each night answered an online Facebook standardized diary on time spent using Facebook and self-regulation particularly schoolwork-related goal […]

Cross-Cultural Examination of Parents’ Expectations for Their Children’s Development of Self

The proposed research takes a sociocultural approach to study the development of self-views. The development of self-views emerges at around 18 months, and children develop self-views by interacting with their caregivers (Raeff, 1997). We examined whether parents would expect their children to develop dialectical self before children started to show specific self-views. Twenty-five American mothers […]

Rules & Responsibilities in Early Childhood in a Culturally Diverse Population: A Cross-Sectional, Mixed Methods Approach in Hawaii

Rules and responsibilities in early childhood vary widely across cultures. In Study 1, I interview culturally diverse parents of 3- to 5-year-olds about the rules and responsibilities their children have at home and how they came to learn them (e.g., someone explicitly taught, watched others in the house). In Study 2, parents and their 9- […]

Supporting New Immigrant Children’s Emergent Literacy Development Through New Technologies in the Public Library Setting in Taiwan

This university-industry project aims to evaluate the role of TellyBearTM, an electronic storybook, in the emergent literacy development of preschool children from new immigrant families where one parent is from Southeast Asian countries. A comparative case study is adopted to compare new immigrant children’s emergent literacy between two distinctive groups (one with intervention and the […]

Accessing Children’s Social Constructional Pattern in Cameroon Through Photo Elicitation Interviews

Attachment theory constitutes one of the most fundamental theories in psychology. While cross-cultural research on childhood, specifically attachment has been increasing, there has been an ongoing lack of reflection on the construction of child attachment across cultures. Photo elicitation interviews were used to assess the children’s own perspective on their social environment in a sample […]

Parental Acculturation: Impact on Child’s Second Language Development

The aim of the present study was to investigate the relation between parental acculturation attitudes and second language acquisition of immigrant children in Switzerland. The research question was examined in a sample of 183 preschool children with German as second language in two waves 16 months apart. Results revealed that parental acculturation measured as orientation […]

The Relationship Between Over-Adaptation and Psychological Stress in Japanese Junior High School Students

This study investigated the relationship between over-adaptation and psychological stress in Japanese junior high school students. We defined over-adaptation as “the condition in which an individual is excessively engaged in self-inhibitive and others-oriented behavior in relationship with others (parents, peers, or teachers)”. A total of 1180 Japanese junior high school students completed 2 questionnaires; Over-Adaptation […]

Controlling and Autonomy-Supportive Parenting in the United States and China: Beyond Children’s Reports

Research comparing the predictive power of parents’ control and autonomy support in the United States and China has relied almost exclusively on children’s reports. Such reports may lead to inaccurate conclusions if they do not reflect parents’ practices to the same extent in the two countries. 394 American and Chinese children (mean age = 13.19 […]

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